B.S.E. Candidate

Major: Computer Science

Supervised by:
Bao-Liang Lu (SJTU)
Zhi-wei Li (MSRA WSM)
Richard Cai (MSRA WSM)
Lei Zhang (MSRA WSM)
Xiang Cao (MSRA HCI)
Koji Yatani (MSRA HCI)
Yong Yu (ACM Class)

v-rudu (AT)
xiaoxinghai (AT)
duruofei (AT)
duruofei (AT)

+86-13552515828 (Mobile)
+86-21-34206772 (SJTU)


Microsoft Research Asia,
No.5, Dan Ling Rd. Handian
Beijing , China (Now)


The best way to predict future is to invent it! By Alan Kay in 2003
Always Challege Miracles!

  Research Interests

· General Human-Computer Interaction, especially interactive graphics and augmented reality.
· Magical Computer Vision: break the barriers between 2D and 3D and recognize behaviors natrually in real time.
· I am applying for a Ph.D. / M.S. degree in the U.S. or Canada. Here is my Curriculum Vitae.
· I am working as a full-time intern in Microsoft Research Asia and investigating into HCI and Computer Vision.

  Research Projects Demos


· Ruofei Du, Renjie Liu, Tianxiang Wu, Baoliang Lu, Online Vigilance Analysis Combining Video and Electrooculography Features, International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP 2012) [Extended PDF] [Published PDF] [KeyNote Lecture on the 3rd Academic Festival of ACM Class] [Video] [Oral Presentation on ICONIP 2012 in Doha] [EOG Data] [Project Code] [Matlab Code]
· Renjie Liu, Ruofei Du, Baoliang Lu, Facial Expression Recognition by Combining Texture and Geometrical Features, Service Science and Engineering (SSE 2012) [EI indexed] [PDF] [Landmark Dataset]

  Education and Working Background

· July.2012 - Feb. 2013 Full-time Intern at Web Search and Mining Group in Microsoft Research Asia
· Sept.2009 - July 2013 Bachelor at Depart. of Computer Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  Selected Works

Chinese Poems: 冬の花火 神狐の殇 心的力量 璀璨华阳
English Essays: Post 80s VS Post 90s College Examinations Be Grateful for the Setbacks
Chinese Essays: ACM班赋 捌月贰拾陆日壹营肆连军训记
Real-world Works: Sketch of Geometries Sketch of Still Life Seal Cutting
MCM/ICM: Classification of Conspirators in Social Networks based on Iterative Model using Support Vector Machine
CUMCM: The Arrangement of Platforms for the Traffic Police using Hungary Algorithm and Chaos Index
Management: Dell Mode: An unbreakable Mystery? (In Chinese)

  Honors and Awards

2012-10. Winner at MSRA Intern Postcard Design Contest.
2012-9. Academic Excellence Scholarship (First-class, ranked #2) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University for 2010-2011 year.
2012-4. The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling 2012, Du Ruofei, Ge Hao, Chen Weijiong, Honorable Mention
2011-12. Academic Excellence Scholarship (Second-class) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University for 2010-2011 year.
2011-9. China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2nd Prize, Du Ruofei, Tian Jin, Ling Yuxiao
2010-9. China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 3rd Prize, Du Ruofei, Xiao Tao, Xie Saining
2010-10. Volunteer Star Award for excellent service in EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China.Happy Video
2010-12. Scholarship from Schneider Electric for 2009 - 2010.
2010-12. Academic Excellence Scholarship (Second-class) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University for 2009-2010 year.
2010-7. Class Vice President of the 2009' ACM Honored Class in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
2010. Outstanding Member of Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Youth League, 2010-2011.
2010. President of the English Corner in SJTU, 2010-2011, organized several competitions and parties.
2008. Bronze Medal, National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), PRC.
2008. Bronze Medal, Asia-Pacic Informatics Olympiad (APIO), PRC.
2008. Bronze Medal, Chinese Team Selection Contest (CTSC), PRC, 2008.
2006-2008. First Prize (top 3/), National Olympiad in Informatics in Province (NOIP), Heilongjiang, PRC.

  Useful Links

· Friends: Qiang Hao Enpeng Yao, Saining Xie, Xiao Jia, Heming Shou, Yudong Yang, Boshan Zhou, Diyi Yang, Liuli Chen
· Related Labs: Center for Brain-Like Computing and Machine Intelligence
· Related Websites:
· Hobbies: Harmonica, Speech, Piano, Cucurbit Flute, Sketch, Calligraphy, Swimming, Table Tennis.